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Fluytec´s 40th Anniversary raffle
This year Fluytec celebrates its 40th anniversary and for this special occasion, we want to share with those who have accompanied us during this long journey. Our way of thanking you for your loyalty is by organizing a raffle with the possibility of winning several prizes.

That's why we launched our 40th anniversary campaign: Enjoy Nature, Enjoy your Environment, in which we raffle prizes with which to enjoy Water (our reason for being) and our environment without damaging it: a kayak, a SUP table and a Surfboard.

Do you want to win any of them? Keep reading!

How to participate:
• Follow Fluytec´s page on LinkedIn.
Recommend this publication.

The contest will be open from Tuesday, July 22nd to Friday, Augst 2nd , 10:00 CET (Spanish schedule).
Among all the participants, the prizes will be raffled by this order:
1. Kayak
2. SUP Table
3. Surfboard

The winners will be published on August 5th in Fluytec´s LinkedIn feed.
Good luck!


Posted on 22 jul 2019