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Binningup desalination plant inaugurated in Australia
It will supply a population of 400,000 and has a treatment capacity of 50 cubic hectometres per year.
Posted on 27 sep 2011
New solutions in Ultrafiltration and MBR filtration
Fluytec introduces new Ultrafiltration and MBR filtration equipment based on cutting edge membrane filtration technology.
Posted on 29 jul 2011
High flow cartridge filter housings for SWRO plant in Aruba (Dutch Antilles)
Fluytec made delivery of the high flow cartridge filter housings to be installed in the SWRO plant in Aruba …
Posted on 13 jun 2011
Fluytec wins award for Soreq SWRO, the world’s largest SWRO desalination plant currently under construction.
Posted on 05 abr 2011
Visit us at WATREX, CAIRO
We are waiting for you. Don’t miss out!
Posted on 08 jul 2013

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